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Openers & Accessories

Whether your preference is belt or chain driven garage door openers, Jim’s Garage Door Service can install the best in the business.

Belt Driven – Raynor Aviator Garage Door Opener

Raynor Aviator Garage Door Opener

Powered by a strong 1/2 hp motor with a one-piece solid belt drive rail, the Raynor Aviator garage door opener glides like a whisper.

It comes complete with several safety features designed to protect you and your family. And the lifetime motor warranty means that you can count on the Aviator for as long as you own your home.

Chain Driven – AccessMaster Garage Door Opener

AccessMaster Garage Door Opener

AccessMaster garage door openers offer the added assurance of Security+ technology.

The advanced technology is your defense against burglars equipped with sophisticated “code grabbing” devises. Each time you activate the remote control, Security+ automatically rolls the code over to any one of 100-billion new codes, never to be repeated.

Plus, each system includes several patented designs to provide safety, security and reliability.

Add the 4-Year Motor Warranty and you have a product that you can depend on for years to come.

Aviator Garage Door Opener Optional Accessories

Aviator Garage Door Opener - SoftGlo Multi-Function Control Panel

Optional SoftGlo Multi-Function Control Panel – Even in a dark garage, it’s easy to find your way to our smartly designed SoftGlow lighted control. Allows you to turn opener lights on/off from inside your garage and the special security lock-out blocks all remote signals to your openers when you are away.

Aviator Garage Door Opener - Keyless Entry

Optional Safety Signal Keyless Entry – Opens and closes your door when you enter a 4-digit code. Enter a temporary code that allows guests and service people temporary access with a specific number of activations for a chosen length of time.

Aviator Garage Door Opener - Mini Safety Signal Remote

Optional Mini Safety Signal Remote Control – Convenient size to carry on a key chain, in a pocket or in a purse. Operates up to three garage doors and turns opener lights on and off.

Aviator Garage Door Opener - Motion Detecting Control Panel

Optional Premium Motion-Detecting Control Panel – A “hands-free” motion detector turns your opener lights on when you enter the garage.

AccessMaster Security+ Garage Door Opener Optional Accessories

AccessMaster Security - 3 Button Remote Control

Mini 3-Button Remote Control with Anti-Burglary Coding. This convenient sized remote control can operate up to three garage doors. You can turn garage door lights on and off for your safety and security.

AccessMaster Security - Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry with Anti-Burglary Coding and More – Mounts to garage door jamb. Opens and closes door without remote control or key by entering a private 4-digit security code. Just like the remote control with anti-burglary coding, when you enter your personal code, with every use, it transmits a new code, never to be repeated. No wiring required. Illuminated for night time use.

For more convenience, the keyless entry pad allows homeowners to program temporary codes for visiting friends or family.

AccessMaster Security - 8 Remote Capability

8-Remote Capability – The Security+ opener can accommodate up to 8 Security+ remote controls with anti-burglary coding as well as one keyless entry. That’s great news for families with multiple vehicles and drivers.