Dock Equipment

Your loading dock is the heart of your supply chain operations. With the right equipment, it can reach new heights of efficiency as part of a modern logistics process. Lacking those assets, however, employee safety and operational speed may suffer. By working with Jim's to install and maintain your dock equipment, you’re improving this essential part of your warehouse, distribution centers, and other commercial facilities.

Dock Leveler

Having the right type of loading dock leveler to connect trailers with the loading dock is essential for both safety and efficiency. Using the wrong leveler asset could lead to dangerous failures, especially when forklifts are adding extra weight. Depending on the type and size of your loads and your environment around the loading dock, you can select from hydraulic dock levelers, mechanical dock levelers and pneumatic dock levelers. If space is an issue, you can operate vertical levelers with a minimal footprint.

Dock Plates

Dock Pads/Shelters

A loading dock shelter sits above and around the seal and the door, ensuring the elements don’t damage shipments and helping workers go about their loading and unloading duties in safety and comfort. If you have to maintain a strict cold chain, a more advanced three- or four-sided rail shelter could prove vital.

Dock Shelter

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are necessary to safely and efficiently prevent damage to your building, dock equipment, and/or trailer. They are small and often forgotten, but they are vital to a properly working dock system.

Dock bumper

Vehicle Restraint

A vehicle restraint, along with wheel chocks, are a major step in everyday safety for dock workers. This device holds the vehicle to the dock allowing for safe and easy travel into the vehicle by foot and forklift. More advanced vehicle restraints are integrated with electronic light systems that shine red or green depending on whether it is safe for forklift operators to proceed.

Truck Restraint

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