Oh No! Did I Leave My Garage Door Open?

Garage Door Open

The answer? It doesn’t matter! Thanks to MyQ smart technology, you never have to spend your drive to work worrying if you left your door wide open. Now, you can lift and lower your door remotely from your phone or any other smart device with the MyQ App. That’s not all. Compatible with our Raynor and Liftmaster openers, MyQ technology has quite a few convenient and easy-to-use features that make life just a little easier.

Excellent Features

  • Open and close your garage door from anywhere. Yes, even from the Bahamas, as long as you have WIFI access. The user-friendly MyQ App will tell you if your garage door is open or closed and let you operate it remotely. Have a family member dropping by to pull your garbage cans in after trash pick-up? Door open. It’s that simple.
  • Have your deliveries placed directly into your garage. If you are worried about porch pirates or if you are out of town, you can have any delivery service open your garage door, deliver your goods and close it again. The MyQ App syncs with delivery services such as Amazon or Wal-mart to allow access your garage one day a week or as needed.
  • Video monitor the inside of your garage. Just like the popular doorbell cameras for the front porch, your garage camera will tell you who’s in your garage when and what they’re doing. The camera is ideal for ensuring the security and safety of your garage, be it from unwanted intruders or small rodent pests. Video monitoring will begin when sensing any motion.
  • Automatically schedule your door to close. Ever had the neighbor text you at 10pm and tell you that your garage door is open? With the MyQ App, you can schedule your door to automatically close at the same time each evening ensuring that you never wake up in the morning to a wide-open garage door and a panicked spouse.
  • Allow access to your garage via a video keypad. Grandma wants to drop off freshly baked cookies and you’re not home. All she needs to do is walk up to the keypad outside your garage door and call you via the keypad. Using the video technology, you can see her standing there and open your door.
  • Monitor the status of your door and its accessories. Door not closing? Open the MyQ App and determine what might be the problem. You can also see how many accessories have been programmed to your door and if the keypad may need a new battery.

As always, we’re here to help you with any and all your garage door needs including upgrading your operating system to include the MyQ Smart Technology. Contact us today!

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