What NOT to Keep in your Garage

Paint in garage

We get it. Your garage seems like one of the best places to keep household odds and ends. Ripe with storage possibilities in overhead space or shadowed corners, the garage is the place for the “out of sight out of mind” items that are only needed every so often.

It also seems to be the perfect place to store those somewhat pungent things that one would rather not keep in the home such as sports equipment or trash cans. Then there’s camping supplies, or spray paint, and maybe even spare clothing.

Yes, the garage is a beautiful thing for a homeowner’s organizational desires, however, here are a couple things to consider when choosing what to store in your garage. One must consider outdoor temperature changes, possible hazards, and product quality.

Here is a list of things that might seem like a good fit for garage storage but should probably be kept elsewhere:

  1. Leftover paint: Extreme cold and heat can alter the formula of paint. Even if that can is sealed tightly, it still may be at risk. Your pocketbook will thank you if you store that leftover Agreeable Gray in the basement instead.
  2. Aerosol cans: These are also subject to extreme temperature changes and can even explode above a certain degree. Warmer temps affect the seal on the can which can alter the quality of the product. They’re dangerous if in reach of children or can be knocked or run over if too close to vehicles.
  3. Birdseed or pet food: Animals will be attracted to the smell and may MacGyver their way inside your garage. This, however, is easily solved by storing these things in an airtight container. Just don’t forget to place the lid back on the container after each use.
  4. Paper items such as old documents or photos: Paper stored in a space that is not temperature-controlled will break down over time. It is also at risk for water damage or damage by bugs and critters. Anything important or sentimental should not be stored in the garage. Sorry Great Aunt Mae, your photo will have to be stored in the basement.
  5. Sleeping bags, clothing, bedding or plush toys: Any kind of fabric items can become moldy in wet or humid places. They are also attractive to mice who chew and make great homes for spiders and other insects. It’s best not to risk encountering a spider in your bed on your next camping trip.
  6. Dry goods: While buying in bulk may be the most economical, it sometimes poses a storage problem. It may be tempting to keep overstock in the garage, but a better spot would be the basement or pantry where temperatures are controlled, ensuring the quality stays the same.

You may be wondering, after all that, well, what can I store in my garage? The #1 best thing to store in your garage? Your car.

Ensure the life and well-being of your vehicle by prioritizing its storage out of the elements and in the convenience of your garage. And if you need any additional garage accessories or a tune-up for your garage door, you know who to call.

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